BioMedicure's biochemotherapy employs biochemicals to quickly (within 60 minutes) and effectively (up to 100%) destroy the solid-structure of a solid tumor and kill cancer cells, including cancer stem cells, within the tumor as shown in nude mouse and wild-type mouse models. In the in vivo study, more than 130 solid tumors were eliminated successfully. Eliminated solid tumors were human xenograft solid tumors from one type of melanoma, one type of prostate cancer, two types of breast cancer, two types of lung cancer and one type of colon cancer in nude mouse models.

Using the biochemotherapy platform, BioMedicure has successfully developed Tumorase™ products and Tumorase™ Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine products which are now available to the cancer research community.

Tumorase™ products are designed to eliminate solid tumors of various sizes. Tumorase™ products are solid tumor specific but not cancer type specific.

Thus, these products may be used to eliminate any type of cancer with solid tumors. However, Tumorase™ products are restricted to local therapies since its activity can be inhibited by many inhibitors including serum.

Tumorase™ can quickly (within 60 minutes) and very effectively (up to 100%) kill cancer cells including "solid tumors" grown from enriched cancer stem cells. BioMedicure's scientists discovered that Tumorase™ killed cancer cells are sphere-shaped cancer-cell-specific polyclonal antibodies, AntiCancerBody™ preserving cancer cell specific antigenic material that can induce up to 100% immune responses against cancer cells specifically. According to unmet needs in cancer vaccine research, BioMedicure has developed a Tumorase™ Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine Kit. With the kit, you can make your own cancer vaccine from in vitro "solid tumors", solid tumor tissue from an individual or cancer cell lines. Biomedicure is able to make over 20 whole-cell cancer vaccines using its in vitro "solid tumors" grown from enriched cancer stem cells.

Compared to chemotherapy, Tumorase™ biochemotherapy works so fast that cancer cells do not have a chance to mutate. In addition to efficacy, Tumorase™ is also less toxic since its biological activity is restricted to a local area can be regulated by its inhibitors.

A chemotherapy drug usually takes more than three weeks to see any effect in reducing the growth rate of a solid tumor.

Since BioMedicure's Tumorase™ biochemotherapy is a local therapy, it may replace surgery without an invasive procedure and sacrifice less normal tissue that surrounds the tumor.

Compared with radiotherapy, the action of Tumorase™ biochemotherapy is much faster (1 hour vs. 3 weeks) and more importantly it does not mutate the actively-dividing normal cells to cancer cells.

BioMedicure has presented Tumorase™ biochemotherapy safety and efficacy data in the AACR 101st Annual Meeting 2010 (poster 672).